About Unjha City

Unjha is the place which is known as a spice city of india, because of the A.P.M.C market in the world for cumin seeds and sauf.It is located 0n national highway no.8, Between Mahesana and palanpur. It is 100km far from ahmedabad.
Unjha is the basically hindu Patel’s city. Patel Family has lot of Firms in A.P.M.C market and they all are very well sated in this city, And the other casts are also set here verywell.Unjha is rich city because every people are happy and helpful to each other. A.P.M.C market has covered a big part of Unjha and because of it, lots of people get business like transport, import & expert etc. Not only local people but also the other persons of india are migrating here, for the business.
The other well known thing in this city is goddess umiya mata’s temple. It is the cast goddess of “Kadava Patidar Patel”. Recently in Unjha people celebrated the golden joubley function for goddess umiya. lots of people had visited this place.
No dought it is a small city, but in favour of such things it is very popular in the world. Two types of transport available here to reach at Unjha. Firstly,Gujarat state tarsport services and the other ane is the railways. Most of the trains express or super deluxe also stop here,local public are very interested in having meal and break fasts stores are available in Unjha like Rose garden,pruthvi garden,armaan,hotel Jagir etc.or Katchi king,trupt,karnavati for fast food etc.
Owing to A.P.M.C market,Many banks had taken intrest in Unjha, Every national,International and local banks are in Unjha,like Axis bank,H.D.F.C banks,I.D.B.I banks etc.

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